GUEST RSVP for Tour Event

All Guest Fees are $10 More than member rates, your RSVP will be honored after all member RSVP and you miss out on some great games.  If you plan to play more than once with the MGT but you cannot play at least half the events, Add our Legacy Tour Membership to pay member rates(save $10 per event) & guarantee your RSVP confirmation.  Our Legacy Membership is a 1 time $55 fee but it allows you to play as many events as you would like.  Please note, that Legacy members do not compete for Tour Prizes, but they are allowed to participate in the skins game.  Become a Legacy Member Instead- Click Here!

MGT CHARITY DONATION ....................... Help MGT Help others. 100% of your donation will be donated to our Charities. See our home page for more information.
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 To confirm your spot, please check back within 24 hours prior to the event and view Pairings.